No more hot springs?

Apparently the the shift of the earth’s crust from the recent earthquake affectively stopped the flow of water at hot spring island on Haida Gwaii. Very sad to hear indeed, such a beautiful place. … story.html

“Normally, you could hear water bubbling but there was nothing to be heard,” said Hanisch, who lives on Kunghit Island, where he operates the Rose Harbour Guest House.

Just saw a blurb on the screen on CBC News World that the springs have started flowing again.

Yup, Hot water flowing again on Haida Gwaii’s Hotspring Island

Hot water is flowing once again on Hotspring Island in Haida Gwaii, about three months after an earthquake shut off the natural supply, but it is not clear if the old hot springs will be refilled anytime soon.

Parks Canada staff have confirmed that hot water was detected seeping out of the rocks near the two popular hot pools on Hotspring Island, but the new water source is along the shoreline below the high tide line.