No More Beef

This is a pretty neat Music Video… I think it’s about Beefs? Or Beats? Beese?

Anyways, it’s hard to tell if he’s joking or not… maybe it’s a clever satire on how things really are?

This video contains excessive amounts of cussing and smack-talking.

Clickity Booo!

“…with 100 in the crew…”

What a joke.

I think I saw these guys on CTV, it’s hilarious

The beats in the background are bloody awful, as is there rapping

That was pretty mucho sucko, man.

Heh, that is worse than my hangover.

I let it go for about 9 seconds before I threw up.

Honda Civics… woot.

My eyes. They burn.

Ok yea that was appallingly bad.

30 secs in Firefox died on me and crashed. First time ever. Must have been that video…