No Love to share for Premier Campbell…

No matter how many interpretations he makes over a pair of Angus Reid polls around, Premier Gordon Campbell is going to have to come to one conclusion, just three short months after his third mandate his popularity is plummeting and the plotting to grab his place as the head of Government must surely be underway…

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Polls always make for interesting news for a day or two, but Gordo is really not under any threat.

The Liberals have a comfortable majority thanks to our rejection of proportional representation. There are no worries about the balance of power shifting due to disaffected MLAs crossing the floor. The view from the Liberal benches is probably that Gordo is getting the tough, unpopular decisions - HST and service cuts - out of the way early in the mandate. The next election is so far away that no one is counting the days.

The NDP’s post-election performance has been lackluster. Ms James’ numbers don’t look very good these days either. I wonder when they’ll be getting out the knives?

And who said that Gordo even wants to run in 2013? Four years is a long, long time in politics. And besides, he’s got the Olympic Games to open next year. Not sure if he’ll be around to tally up the cost overruns and disappointing revenues though.