No drivers license

One thing that really annoys me is the traffic pattern at the McBride - 2nd Ave W intersection.

Both streets are major four lane corridors (hence the Highway 16) and I don’t understand for years why we have to merge into the left lane on McB in order to turn into 2nd Ave, and same with turning right from 2nd Ave to McBride. It causes a bit of congestion in addition to unsafe lane changes made by idiot drivers. I would like to stay on the same lane without the need of changing into another lane to complete a turn from a multi-lane road into another multi-lane, especially when both streets are part of the same highway route.

I like to see a two lane left/right turn operations controlled by traffic signals.

yea I guess so hey. no one else seems to care look at what happend to the guy that got hit yesterday that could of been that kid thats driving around with out a ldrivers license I mean hey he does it every one else can I am person that cares but others if he hit any one his parents dont have the money to pay any thing out the they would have to give the van back to the bank they are still paying that out the teens dont work or go to school the mother is the only one that has income but she loves her drink. you know who cares hey just that it would be nice if the police when they did catch him the first time or the second time would have doe some thing. would you let your teenager drive around town with out a license I mean think about it its just like going to the beer n wine store for a minor or buying smokes for a minor I mean grow a heart ppl you wouldnt want your child to get hurt

Chris said it best.  maybe you should learn to mind your own business. 

I hate it so much when people do that lol
(It’s ok, Princess, I think everyone has little bad habits like that when driving)

…my fiance says I have some major road rage, but when people do stupid stuff on the road, it really sparks my nerves!