No drivers license

what do you do when you know some is driving around with out a drivers license. I have reported it many many time police dont seem to do any thing about it.
what can we do
just seems like they dont care its not a problem for them. If one can get away with it then every one should

same with my son in law says that his grandfather got a ticket for a burnt out head light but I see so many others driving around with the same thing

so whats up with that ?

You should note the licence plate of the car then call in and say that the driver is driving erracticly!  Boys in blue will think Drunk driver and all four cars will head out to find the suspect!

well I have called it in many many times already he had been stopped the one time but he only got a slap on the hand. I mean come on what will happen if he is in an accident who is gonna pay if he kills some one.
his parents dont seem to care I mean hey his 19 driving the parents van with out a license

Take a picture of him driving the van without a license.

Post the picture of him driving the van without a license on HTMF, warning others that he may be a dangerous driver.

Better yet, call the local ICBC office?

I cant take a pic of him driving with out a license the car has a plate but he has no drivers license in his wallet he dosnt even have a learners yet he has failed it twice and refuses to go back

what would ICBC do ? police wouldnt take the car

I’m sure ICBC would be happy to learn that one of their customers is allowing their vehicle to be driven by an unlicensed and uninsured person.

Better yet, say that he ran a stop sign or didn’t stop for ten seconds at one, they’ll probably throw the book at him :imp:

Why not just mind your own business, its not like its the crime of the century. If he is caught he will face a fine, if he is in an accident ICBC will payout whomever is hurt and for any damages but because he doesnt have a valid drivers license his insurance will be voided and they will pursue him for the cost of repairing the vicitims car or the payout and medical expenses if anyone is hurt or killed. He is taking a huge risk doing it but it sure as hell isnt that big of a deal, its not like having the license in your wallet makes you a better driver or is any type of guarentee your not an idiot, the shittiest of drivers I have ever seen all were licensed. Driving without a license isnt his only problem, having a two faced ratfink shit disturber who he thinks is a friend is another problem that is haunting him, hopefully he will see the light, get his license, and knock your teeth down your throat.

One thing that really upsets me that a month later after that tragic multi-vehicle accident in the HOV involving a family in the Sienna, and two lone drivers in a BMW and another smaller car, I still see plenty of single occupant vehicles rolling on the lane meant for car carpooling doing 150Km/h. Even sad, plentiful of vehicles with a single or no working headlights, dangerous passing maneuvers, tailgaters, drivers showing lack of courtesy whatsoever.

I guess those Craftsman Collision bad driver award ads didn’t work…

Didn’t know PR traffic was that busy?  :imp:

I just finished watching the season finale Canada’s Worst Driver online.  I’m not a great driver, though I’m not as bad as those guys…  But I learned something today that I had no idea about:  it’s illegal to change lanes on a solid white line.  Now I’m wondering if I’ve ever done that.  Or even if I’ve even been anywhere with solid white lines?

They usually have solid white lines near intersections and traffic signals, so you shouldn’t change lanes near an intersection.

Or in an intersection,  which seems to be “ok” in The Rinse.  As well as not turning your highbeams off for oncoming traffic,  but that seems to be mostly port Edians in the early morning.

My worst habit when driving is turning right onto McBride, and going straight into the left lane (skipping the right lane).  I always do it in a safe manner, as in, I don’t hit anyone, or cut anyone off, but I always seem to do it, and each time I sort of curse myself for doing it, but I always do it the next time again.

I agree with ChrisJ’s post

You actually can’t cross a solid white line in a party lots to

party lots and white lines billy?

do you wish to explaine that?

I think I just figured something out.  lol

Im surprised there aren’t a whole ton more accidents there, what with everyone driving on the wrong damn side of the road and all !!! :wink: