Nisga'a sign offshore deal with Provincial Government

Get ready for the oil tycoons to start stoking those oil dreams for a bit, the Nisga’a signed a deal with the Provincial Gov’t today, to obtain more information about the offshore industry. … ml?ref=rss

Should make for an interesting bit of speculation locally for the next little while!

I wonder where exactly the deals for? My thinking is right by the ab line. Anyone have details?

Not sure how to attach a picture so it displays…but this image is of the queen charlotte basin (oil and gas basin)…how far into portland iinlet, chatham sound and dixon entrance does the treaty territory of the nisga’a extend? by this image it doesn’t look like offshore oil and gas is much of a resource option for the nisga’a anyway.

here is the link for the image…


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This is a natural disaster waiting to happen, just like the plan in talks for the McKenzie Valley oil operations. Last thing I’d want to hear or see is a disgusting oil spill in the area. I hope the Nis’gaa overlook the very possible tragedy waiting to happen.

I understand the Haida are opposed to offshore oil exploration.

Yeah I don’t think that the Nisga’a should have any say in what happens in terms of oil developements or opportunities in the Basin. They have all their opportunities tied up in their landbase or territory within their boundaries. They should not cloud the already confusing political scene in the North Coast with this agreement, I don’t think they have the right to any opportunity.

not to rain on anyones’s parade, but it does not matter what we think, theres going to be no drilling at this time as the oil company’s dont have a safe and inexpensive way of extracing the oil from heciate straight. but when they do, mark my words it will happen.
Hands will be greased and the first nations people will get billions of oil money. look no further then alberta.

Like they need more money…

Like who needs more money? You can’t possibly mean the First Nation communities, look at the reservations. We don’t have any money.

I’m not saying any thing more.

Milking it for the rest of earth life is what we will all see.

I should be more clear in my message I think what ever the first nations people get, will be great for them. I hope the money will go towards health care, better schools and recreation activities for the children growing up on the rez.
And not to the select few. Just think what could be done with that money better living standards, all children will be able to go to college or university free of charge.

ALL would be good…I mean ALL children…not just a select few

and, it would be great if EVERYONE benefitted from Oil and Gas exploration, provided they come up with a safer method of drilling, etc

I highly doubt whoever wants to drill there would spend extra bucks to use safer drilling. Kind of sad really.  :unamused:

There seems to be some confusion here on the deal that was signed. The Nisga’a are getting funding to do their own studies and consultations, rather than simply taking the government’s or oil companies or enviro groups’ word on it, and this is actually a continuation of the treaty they signed, basically, the government making good on a promise (I’ll wait while those of you who fell off their chairs get back up).

The studies will be on the potential environmental, economic, social and cultural benefits, risks or opportunities arising from the exploration and development of offshore oil and gas on the North Coast. Nisga’a president Nelson Leeson has said that the Nisga’a are open to exploration if it can be done safely.

The Haida, on the other hand, seem deadset against it.

i guess working at the daily news you would know these things hey

I guess you’re pretty new here. I have a history of criticizing the Daily and had a bit of a running battle of words here with James Vassallo a couple of months back, so you have inadvertently offended me!

And it doesn’t take a reporter to know what I do - just someone who reads a variety of sources and bothers to speak to Aboriginal leaders when they get the opportunity.

I think the Haida are thinking very well. I don’t see any environmental benefits, and I really think the area needs to preserve it’s environmental prestige but if an Oil Company drills there, it will be jeopardized, as the event of a spill is highly likely. The storms that happen every once in a while may cause this to happen, so the Oil Companies need to go somewhere else. Either that, or do more intensive research on alternative/safer methods to drilling. They need a stronger infrastructure of the Oil Derricks, or don’t drill there at all. And I thought the area was protected by federal law?

It is protected by federal law but the province and oil industry lobbyists are putting pressure on the feds to lift the moratorium. My guess is it won’t take much to convince the big business-friendly Tories to do just that.

Exactly, which is one reason why I do not support them. And that we have Stephen Harper as a Prime Minister, I can make out an unpromising PM when I see one.

God put it there for us so we should dig it up. 

I’d be very happy if I could work on a rig locally.