NHL pre-season

I was reading fellow member The Podunkian’s blog today and read the article about the NHL possibly starting an exhibition league in the Maritime provinces.  It reminded me that there are a couple of games scheduled in Moncton between the Flyers and the Penguins and the Islanders and the Bruins.  So I went to check the Moncton coliseum website to see how much the tickets were.  They are asking $160.00 for both games and you must purchase the tickets as a package. 

Am I too cheap if I find that it is a rip-off?

Pre-season games usually are testing ground for new players and for trying out new lines so chances are some stars might not be playing on any given night and the hockey might look sloppy because of the coaching adjustments. 
I could go see the Quebec Major Junior League champions and Memorial cup finalists, the Wildcats, in the same building for a lot cheaper.  A coupon available at one of their sponsors locations, will allow a family of four to see a game for $40!  And junior hockey, in my opinion, has always been more entertaining that the NHL.  (Smaller players=more space=more skating=faster game.)
Canucks regular season games are between $32.75 and $93.50 (other than the very best spots.)   

So what’s wrong with these people?  They want us to be fans but we can only see them on TV?
I am tired of having NHL related people come on TV and tell us about the love of the game and about how it’s the canadian game and appealing to our patriotism when they go lose face at the olympics and then they turn around and make it prohibitive to go see their warm-up games where they will probably still be hungover from their outing at the local strip joint the night before because curfew isn’t as important during pre-season.

There!  That was my run-on sentence rant of the week.

Yikes, 80 bucks a game? That’s nigh on stupid in my book.

You’re right, for the most part the games are nothing but classroom exams for the wanna be NHLers, you might see one or two of the big names but for the most part it’s some guy from Moose Factory, Clemsons Corner or Shediac Cove looking for a shot to make the AHL team at the end of training camp.

Sounds a tad greedy to me.

If that’s the price structure that they have in mind for their “Grapefruit” like league then that’s an idea that just isn’t going to fly, unless there’s a lot of oil money floating around the wilds of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

But then I’m not an NHL executive, though I like to play one on the internet…

Law of conservative economics. At $80 for an exhibition game you can “prove” there isn’t fan support to warrant a team there. Or there’s a slim chance you can “prove” fans are completely retarded and raise prices everywhere else…

I check out Canucks’ preseason games for like $20 a pop.

$80 would get you into a regular season game, and a couple of “pops”.

I agree…fucked up price…cause when I went to an Oiler exabition game back in 85…no gretsky…boy I was mad…lol…

this be timbits on orangetangs account, at his pad… 85$ aint bad for a game, damn at gm place 85$ gets you nose bleeds i guess it depends on how much you wanna support your teams high wages, I dont mind paying 140$ a red section seat whenever im in van, even thou i get free tickets from my dads company hehe


I wonder what the chances are of getting 4 tickets to see Bert back in Vacouver January 7?  I love how they won’t even publish the Premium or Premium Plus prices on the website, leaving it completely open to take all the money they possibly can.