NHL - Hitting - Head shots etc

Is anyone paying attention to whats going on in the NHL right now.  I remember we used to call Scott Stevens the most feared hitter for taking people’s heads off.

Now everyone is hitting people in the heads and the media is crucifying the guys throwing the hits.  Looks like Cooke might have to fight for once tonight.

I mean Bob McKenzie; this guys comments are so out there they belong on Hackingthemainframe.  That’s how ridiculous they are.

Man, should have curbed Stevens back in the day when you were suppose to put shoulders into someones chest, but hey let the dog out of the cage and you’re going to have shit on your lawn.

I am all for some changes with the hitting in the head, many players will have their career destroyed if this is allowed to continue. It does not ruin the game any just lowers the hitting area.