NHL Awards show

The NHL handed out its awards on Thursday on CBC, which managed to make a two hour prime time special out of the occasion. Music by Tom Cochrane and 54-40, fashions from the Don Cherry collection.Â

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Awwwwwww Crosby didn’t get rookie of the year  :smiley:

No real surprises as far as the winners are concerend in my opinon.  I kind of thought Laviolette was going to get the Adams award, but apparently he only lost it by one vote.  Happy to see Thornton won.

They should of gave the rookie award to both Ovechkin and Crosby because of the lockout year and because both did some amazing things this year. Everything else was good though.

Lindy Ruff had a lot on his plate this year, so the fact his team did so well is a pretty good testimony to the guy’s character and probably why the press guys figured he was deserving of the award. He took a team that most people figured was going to be bottom feeders for awhile there and made them believers in a system, not to mention the personal difficulties in his family this year.

Was kind of ironic that Ted Nolan was presenting him with the trophy though, probably whispered a warning or two about accepting it!

Good news from the sporting world ,Todd traded to Florida in a three players deal. But will this make the Canucks a more positive team all around in the coming season. Will Todd be happy in the sun and Hurricanes or would he be much more happy being in a Hilton like Jose .

Naa. That’s a cop-out. Ties suck.