Next gen tires

Can’t believe these were announced a year ago and I haven’t seen them before:

In the last Philadelphia Car Show on February 2-20, 2008, Michelin has introduced a pair of next generation of tires. These are airless tyres and are scheduled to be out on the market very soon.This is a bit radical design from Michelin. They may not look that nice though, but they’re sure to be the next-generation of tires when they come out. This is an outstanding achievement of great research and development (R&D). After this there will be no more air valves, no more repair kits, and also no more air compressors at gas stations. Also, there will be no more flat tires! Thing is, spike strips won’t work anymore on these tires, for it wasn’t air inflated. Cool huh!

I wonder what the ride is like?

now how the hell is Xzibit going to pimp those out?

Didn’t Michelin announce these like 10 years ago as the “tweel”?

I’ve seen threads about this in 2007 so its much older than the info you provided.
Gotta love the internet for promoting false ideas.

and the set of winter treads starts at only $9,000

Would be awesome for the hockey card and clothespin trick, though.

Looks like an old wooden spoke wheel … :imp: :imp: :imp:

The first announcement listed on the Michelin announcement link is January 2005, however the bottom link provides an interesting viewpoint from May 1938:

Hmm, interesting timeline, considering the economy… Maybe the Bennet buggy can make a comeback…