Newly paved roads

I’m loving all this work there doing to our roads.  They should do them all.  Overlook is in desperate need. 

OK, then it will in your bank accounts expense.

I agree with you billy. They did a good job and plenty of places need work.

is this something of a special occastion in your town?.

Overlook is in REALLY bad need of work!!

Its for the tourist so they dont trip running across the street unexpectedly

ya coco a lot of people do that when billy (bot-boy) is walking towards them…  :astonished:


Tourists don’t “run” across the street.  They take there sweet ass time when everyone else is needing to get where there going.  Snapperheads!!

It’s not just tourists.

And yes, I concur that Overlook needs work - but not by Adventure Paving!

Fulton is another one that needs to be re-done badly.