New Years Eve Plans?

What’s everyone doing to ring in the New Year ?  We are vegging out and eating junk, lotsa junk, watching hockey, maybe a flick and settling in for the ball to drop and then I cry when I hear Auld Lang Syne (spelled right??)  Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy Time!  Happy New Year  :smiley:

Yeah, we’re staying home as well, good food, and we’re going to watch some movies.  It will be good.  :smiley:

Here’s to another lousy millenium. 

Anyone remember how they spent New Year’s Eve 10 years ago?

I think I was watching the ball drop at 1999…a few seconds to midnight, while watching the IBM war room waiting to see if all the dire predictions about the year 2000 came to pass with computer glitches, etc. Heh, a non-event as I recall.  :smile:

I put on my hasmet suit, locked myself in my bunker, switched on my TV and with much trepidation watched the festivities around the world and figured if Australia had made it through unscathed, all was safe and I ventured out and pigged out on Chinese food  :smiley: And then ate again an hour later  :smiley:  :smiley:

A few of my closest friends and I are going to have a pyjama party, eat lots of food, and watch movies at my house. I haven’t stayed in on New Years in many years, and I’m really looking forward to tonight!

I might be up til midnight watching the hockey game shootout!!!  OHHHH yeah, we just won!

Had a chinese dinner with the munchkins and then headed out with some friend from the hood to a private party at the golf course.  I am way way way too old to be hanging with 20 year olds . but let me tell you … they are beginners, so many had to leave before midnight … had way too much too drink. Me … well I had some food, a few drinks and danced the night away.  It is now officially past my bed time … Happy New Year to all and to all a good night!

First off, I hope everyone had a good New Years Eve night and all the best in 2010 to all of you.
We took the kids out for a Chinese food dinner, then my son headed over to his friend’s house for an all-night gaming session. The rest of us headed home to watch movies and relax, were treated to a fireworks session at midnight by somebody down by the beach. Very nice evening and a relaxing day planned today-it’s pretty soggy right now so I doubt we’ll be taking the dogs out for a beach walk later but you never know. :wink:

I had a great New Years Eve, Saffron.  Happy New Year to you.
Our family went out for lunch yesterday at Stardust restaurant, we had steaming hot wonton, the kids had chicken fingers.  Last night we stayed home, played board games, and watched movies.  A good time was had by all.  :smile: