New Yahoo Group

To keep up in the fast moving world that is Lord Zedd’s Homepage, includes new features, pictures, polls, giving your opinion and submitting your pictures. You can vote on the movies I review and talk to other members about what kind of things you want to see on my site. … =103054710
A place where you can read Zedd’s stuff with fear of attacks from these jerks.

The more you try the more you annoy, I’m not sure if I should be appluading or put an .axe through your peice of crap site

You could try applauding, I don’t try to annoy everyone. Just the people who attack me unjustly. I’m sorry if my attacks on them annoy you, it’s not on purpose.

dude, there are much better ways to achieve shameless self promotion than posting on htmf.

I post several forums, my site wouldn’t be where it is today if I only posted here. Even you can’t argue with that.

Just for the record 21 people have joined.

Just for the record, I doubt anyone here cares

Good day freak

Just for the record I just laughed my ass off.

Good one.