New wordpress 2

Hi all Mig you might be able to help me out, I have my blog that i want to show new post’s on my existing webpage i use fetch for coppermine and fetch for phpBB2 that show up on index page i would love for my wordpress to do the same.

so my structure is like this root/wp and root/index.php.
Is there a fetch program or something like it. I have tried using RSS feed but im not sure about what code i would need to place on my index.php…

thanks for any help…

I’m not sure.

What is the RSS feed you’re trying to add?  Do you have some way of parsing that RSS feed?

hi Mig I used CaRp it works but only words no images, so ya its like a rss parser. its rss2 is there any free software out there u know of… thanks