New TV

Looking to upgrade my TV.
Budget:  $1500 (for everything -cables, taxes, etc…)
Thinking about a 40 to 46 inch LCD
Computer compatibility would be good (like plugging a mini mac to it)
Home theater is an option but not necessary at this point as I have an older one that still works ok.


I’m not a TV aficionado, but, we like our 46" Sharp Aquos.  HD TV looks wonderful on it as do DVDs; it has nice stereo sound.  I’ve read on here that other users really like the Samsung units.
We got a good deal on ours at Sears here in PR.

You can get a hell of a lot of TV for that price these days.
Costco in PG had a 50" LG for under $900 last time I was there.

yea im looking at a samsung but bigger with dlna supports where it wirelessly connects to your pcs media content and with usb plugins to put my thumbstick to play movies less components on the wall the better lol.

make sure you check out

pretty sure they are all free shipping

they say they price match in town at eastwind but they only had sony when i looked and at cityfurniture has to be exact model

I’m with Herbie on this one… I wouldn’t spend $1500 on a TV, I’d spend $1000 on a TV and $500 on booze.

$1000 gets you a bigtv but may not have 1080p quite a few do for that price yes but will most likely be lcd not plasma and not very many outputs or other options you pay for what u get

I went to Futureshop and Sears today and it looks like a 40-42 inches is what would be optimal for our living room.
Here is what I saw:  (all sets are probably not the newer models as they were on sale)
This set is at Sears for about $800.00  which seems to be a decent price.
There is, also at Sears, a 42 inches Samsung plasma for $600 with nice picture but only 2 hdmi and no pc input.
The other two that caught my eye were a 40 inches Sharp Aquos in the box ($880) and a 40 inches Toshiba Rezga at $930 (no pictures).

1500$ for a tv, you crazy thats TONS of money, it all comes down to what kind and features you want, lcd/plazma etc etc, the more pricy have more hdmi ports with ethernet and link software for media centers and file sharing ie pictures movies music etc etc, I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER buy a lg, they suck.  Samsung all the way tho :smile:

If you buy one, don’t get the extended warranty, not worth it. use your credit card and you get 1 year extra warranty with it.

How many hdmi pieces do you have ? what is the equipment being hooked up ? Do you have blue ray player or just a basic dvd player with component. Shaw/ rogers box for hdtv ? … egoryId=15

this is one im looking at but i like the dlna and usb features and its bigger than what your looking at lol

Nice tv, not my choice tho, not a plasma fan at all!

LG 47" Full 1080p for $888 … 99&tabId=1

Samsung 5.1 Speakers … 45&tabId=1

For a total of $1438.08 which leaves you a few bucks left for an HDMI->DVI cable, HDMI cable and maybe a Big Mac when you’re done.

I got royally locally-screwed when I bought from “Chitty Phurniture.” I bought a 40" Samsung 1080p for $1600 total, then less than a week later there was a sale for $400 less than I paid. A month later all the TV prices dropped about %40 in cost. Buy wherever you get it cheapest and probably not local. You’ll get seven more inches and 5.1 louder than I got for $100 less hahaha f&@!ing technology lifecycles!

My 42" came in a box about 4 ft long, 3 ft high and six inches thick. Weighed about 90 lbs. I think the probability of anyone shipping one free is about 0%.

i got a 42" rear projection tv from future shop free shipping

Do people actually still buy these ?

I saw a nice Sony 40 inches, with 4 hdmi input, 30 000:1 ratio at Wal Mart for $788.  I hate buying stuff at Walmart but this is the best deal I’ve seen.

Yeah i saw it to, its their lowest model they make.

So Jase, in your opinion, is the Walmart deal better thatn the other ones I posted for a 40 inches?

i’ve been looking at loads of tvs lately for that price its good if its 1080p

wow it has 1080p, not the best thing to be looking at when buying a tv.

no its not but hes not looking for a lot

heres dells deal for the day … u=A2976150