New Topic please read! very urgent, I need your help

so I’m sitting here, watching t.v. minding my own business right? when out of no where…

VROOOOOM I look out the window to see cars going passed my house, wtf? <–(what the fuck) theres a road there?

since when, and how did this happen.  what is the world coming to? I can’t even watch my t.v. in peace, I’m being forced to deal with loud cars and trucks.

had my curtains closed, was hibernating for a couple months to wake up and find this? can anyone help me? how can we stop this madness?

let’s all rally up and midnight a put road blocks up,we need to show this new species of metal and wheels we won’t take this disturbing behavier with out a fight.

I duct taped some twigs together this afternoon, please supply your own private road blocks, let’s take back the streets.  I missed The Fresh Prince of Bel Air yelling at these beasts that went passed my house.

thank god for tivo, I was able to rewind and get caught up on what I missed.



You’re hilarious.  You must live on Graham or Atlin.

Hey Power Princess…
Now I must say for someone not livin in the city…you seem to know a fair bit about it.
HAve you lived here before and have to return due to the beauty and economic up swing? (or perceived economic upswing)

I spent a week up there 2 years ago, and three weeks up there this past fall.  My husband was born there, and he has lots of family up there.  He’s currently fishing out of there.  And, as we speak, is looking at a house for a possible private sale with some of his family.

And, of course, I know about the town 'cause I hang out on HTMF.  And I hang out on HTMF in order to learn about the town!

hahha thanks, I don’t live on graham ave. I live on the east side of town, not a serious post.

I was simply bored and thought I might send some humor to others, hopefully it worked to some degree.

It was a quick post I thought up before heading to work.  now work is over i’m heading to bed, ahh the joys of getting old. 

Oh yeah, before I get some shut eye I thought i’d also post this while i’m here.