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Would you move outta Rupert if you could tomorrow

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Hey… I recently moved to Prince Rupert, ya ya, I am sure you are going to ask why. First off, I really don’t mind the place and think every town has it’s unique beauty to it. And it is all what you make of it.
I started college in September and am loving it. Outta school, there isn’t a whole lot to do. So can someone let me know what it is that peeps do. Thanks for your time.

What courses are you taking?? I go there too.

surf the net go drinking hide from the rain… goto movies do we have anything else in rupert? seriously i cant think of anything to do and i have lived here for 20 years.

haha, i’m taking welding with the boys. And by the way, I’m the president of the student association that every hates, just cuz i don’t buy them their free damn coffee. I mean come on, buy your own damn coffee.

oops I gotta get the hang of this, I was logged in as a “guest” But yeah read what i posted up there

How do you get meself a funky avatar? I feel left out!! LOL, i searched around and tried finding some sites to upload some, but they are always too large to use on this thing. Help!!!

My mom is says I gots to be off the comps right now…

I gets drunk with lots of Old guys… I am sleep…

Wade Johnson still the instructor down there?

Yeah he is still down there. He’s a great guy, says he is retiring this year, but apparently he says that every year. So who knows.

Guest lay off the cough medicine and yes you best be getting off the puter right now

nice ad on Channel 11 mrJ

In another life I was closely associated with Welding and other products that make up that industry.

I try to forget…but 7018, 6011, MIG TIG SMAW GTAW all still run through my brain… :confused:

ad on channel 11? What am I missing, please explain

channel 11 is the tvguide channel they show ads there as well…

but I’m done and outta here and time to drink some beer! laters…


yeah I guess one day I will try forget as well. But as for now, I love welding, can’t get enough of it. I asked Santa for my very own welding maching this year, but somehow I dont think his sleigh can pull the thing. Oh well :confused:

hehehe…well if you like it…Wonder if I can still roll two cylinders at a time still…been a while.

anyway last post…I here a cold one calling my name…guest…guest…! :smile:

You don’t have a program to resize images? Message me if you want an avatar made.

Guest…why don’t you make yourself a name on here???

I don’t even know how to resize images :frowning:

yeah no shit, i probably have the tools on here to resize them, but i haven’t a clue how to do this. So can someone either make me an avatar or let me know how to. thankz!!