New shopping stores

Many new stores and fast food coming to Terrace and surrounding areas.

I’d prefer something more reasonably priced came. Ashley furniture is premium prices for poorly made furniture for the most part. I have a table from there and its just the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever had the displeasure of owning.

The lighting and the stores make everything look nice though but like when you shop for diamonds you get home to disappointment.

All my furniture is by Ashley Furniture, I have never had any issues, this company has been
around for over 65 years and atleast we will have more variety in home furnishings.

You’re lucky, I know lots of people with ashley furniture that they hate. Black and Decker was a quality brand at one point too and then they just started selling mass market garbage at premium prices.

Ashley Furniture?


Love the name of the new children’s wear store … Little Anchors.