New server, new software

So it’s live now. If you can’t login, you can reset your password (it will send you an e-mail). If you can’t reset your password, either create a new account, or send me an e-mail ( and I can help you manually.

I’ll be working on the site over the next couple of days, so expect some weirdness.

The old site will become a read-only archive once this is all up and running.

Thanks, MiG. Just updated my password and I’m back on-line. :grinning:

Ok, good stuff. As passwords are stored encrypted, they didn’t come over to the new site.

But I’m glad the e-mail reset is working.

Yup. The e-mail re-set works properly. I like the new layout.

working just fine MiG, nice update to HTMF…

How does it look on a phone or iPad? Haven’t tested yet.

I think the logo needs to be a bit bigger.

from iPhone

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Yup, looks like the logo needs to be a bit bigger.

Did you just drag that image in to the editor? Or how did you post it?

just posted it from phone…

Cool. I didn’t see the little “upload” button there.

sent from galaxy s4

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Nice. I just uploaded an icon so that if you bookmark the main forum page, you can add it to your home screen as well.

Ok, so gotta get used to the various “reply” links and what they do.

Yeah, just figured out how to quote posts.

How do you do that? lol, still haven’t figured it out.

Click on reply. On the upper left of the reply field hover your mouse over the icon just left of B and click on that. That’ll set-up a quote of a post.

Even easier, just highlight some text before clicking on reply. In fact, you don’t have to click on reply. Just highlight text and a new thing pops up.

Wicked. Thanks. :smile:

I guess we’ll need to start a FAQ :slight_smile:

I think so, lots of new ways to do things here. :grinning: