New road across from Butze Rapids?

There appears to be construction happening on a new road across from Butze Rapids trailhead.  Any idea where this new road may lead to?  (Besides up the mountain.)

Yeah, I saw that today… was gonna take a photo, but didn’t have my camera with me.  I think I passed you on the highway, Dave.

Maybe for the new condos

new telecommunication towers…would be my guess unless there going to open up the tall tree trails :laughing:

Possibly, I was on the highway between 1230 and 130, trying to burn some of the calories from all the good food I ate yesterday.

I believe it is the access road to the cell tower that Rodgers is putting up there

That is exactly what it is. 

If Rupert didnt rain as much as it does, I think I might really like it here

ahh… rain isnt going to kill ya…
plus. mud is fun  :smiley:

Suck it up princess… you aren’t going to melt!!