New Raspberry Pi 400

Check out the retro looking Pi 400, computer in a keyboard. $100 kit gives you computer, mouse, power supply 16GB SD w Raspian and a starter book - just plug into your HDMI monitor or TV. Old style Commodore 64/Amiga 500 feel, add RetroPie or Amibian and make it so!

Basically a slightly updated chip from the Pi 4B clocked at 1800 instead of 1500.pi400

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Looks pretty good!

The Pi4 is actually a decent “daily driver” using vanilla Ubuntu (or even better, an XFCE distro like Xubuntu or Mint XFCE).

I’m thinking of connecting one to my TV.

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Spent months trying distros for Pi 4 and found stock Rasperry OS most responsive. Then I attached a Kingston SSD via USB3 and the latest Ubuntu 20.10 Pi distro is even better. Didn’t overclock at all.
Also discovered there’s some awful shit being pawned as SD and USB sticks.

yup. Before I use any SD card or USB stick, I use a tool to check its actual capacity, and the ability to read and write to every bit of storage, as well as the speed.

If it isn’t as advertised, then it’s an easy screenshot away from a full refund from Amazon or Aliexpress.

I use this:

This looks like a great option for my wife. She’s been using an old laptop for just surfing the web, email, and watching video’s, but the laptop is on it’s last legs. I was going to get a refurbished laptop to replace it, but this seems like a great alternative. I already have spare monitors sitting around to use with it.

Me too, just rebuilt a 2011 iMac for the wife now I have another from her MacMini under my feet! And I want to ditch the 22 incher I use on the Pi and dasktop for a bigger one. Neither has hdmi inputs…
any opinions out there on the curved monitors?