New radio station in Rupert?

Hi all -

An application filed through the CRTC is looking to start a “soft hits” radio station by the end of this year. It would feature everything from Steppenwolf to Karin Ljungh.

Read all about it here: … for-rupert


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Interesting!! So is it am or fm and what station? Thank you. :smile:

Hi Betty Boop et al -

The new radio station would be at 99.1 FM. Read our extended story, complete with local analysis, here: … for-rupert


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Ah radio consultants, they are but a dime a dozen, especially those out of work ones.

A question first, how many stations has the proponent of the Rupert station put on the air>

Better yet, what kind of financial study outlines the viability of a station in a town which has lost about 8,000 residents since CHTK adopted it’s current staffing levels, ie: none for the most part.

Also, are there any “local” investors in this plan, or is it purely an out of town idea looking to kick a few tires in the local community.

The city just lost a local newspaper because it couldn’t sustain itself on the advertising revenue in the community at the moment.

Considering the cost of providing a full service station with a staff of newspeople, announcers, copywriters and sales reps, one wonders what kind of financial cost it would take to launch such a thing in a trying economy.

In a town where iPods, CD players, sat radio receivers and such seem to be the dominant form of musical choice these days, is there a blue print in place to repatriate those listeners from their current patterns, considering they have had about ten years or so now to fully adopt them.

Rupert would be better served by a co-op format of radio now, volunteer based much like Prince George has through its affiliations it the Universtiy there, or such as they have in Vancouver, Nanaimo and such.

A more widely varied format providing both information programming, educational programming and music that could fully involved local artists more than the “one song an hour” playlist provision.

If there’s to be a local voice in the community on the radio, that would probably be the better blue print to follow through on, one that would require local donations and some advertising, but would at least reflect the community that it intends to serve.