New Payment Option

Coming to a store near you… pay with your fingerprint!! yep the world is getting crazier by the minute. Next thing you know people will quit robbing houses and start chopping fingers off. WHat next?

Substantiate this?

it was just something I seen on the news… but here is something i googled

That doesn’t seem like a good idea… You could lift a print and do some things with different plastics to recreate it. Also, burns and stuff alter your prints.

yeah that was what I was thinking too. I think it is just going to create more troubles for retailers than it is worth.

Alot of cost to develop and I don’t thinks banks will trust it.

Fingerprint and retina scans are all good ideas… but the cost of implementing and restructuring that sort of thing would cost far more than it’s worth.

Also, hasn’t anyone seen how easy such a thing could be altered quite easily? The guys on CSI make it look like child’s play.

I think the majority of those methods have been tricked ridiculously easily.

I dont image “” aka “we make money selling this stuff” is going to release the entire story.

All in all, its a pretty bunk scheme anyway, common sense goes a long way in protecting your scene.

Tootz, I know it was hyperbole, but dont you figure that you’d rather lose a finger than get dragged to the atm with the robbers ? And then chucked out of your own car on the freeway after they’d limited you out?

If anything it will be rfID but rfID scares me so i hope not.

Cutting off fingers will have a whole new meaning for the mob.

  1. Steal wallet
  2. Make transaction with ill-gotten credit card.
  3. ????
  4. Profit!

Stealing a fingerprint would be like stealing a credit card. It would work for a little while, until they found it was fraudulent.

If my wallet got jacked, the first thing I’d do is contact Visa. If my finger got jacked, I’d probably go to the hosiptal. Time is presious. And with things like debit, which could also be replaced by print, a pin is needed, so a stolen debit is really no thing.

This whole figerprint idea sounds a bit iffy…I’ll stick to plastic :wink:

You have to be pretty dumb to think you just pay with your figure print. Most likely you will use your print followed by a pincode to match the print.
So the choppin fingers is out…
And theres lots of people that dont even know how to use a computer let alone lift a figure print off a pop can, make a plastic mold and export the flat print of the pop can and some how print a somewhat 3d image of the print on the moldin of the finger.
if you manage to do all that, im sure the device will be somewhat heat sensitive to…
Now with a credit card, all you have to do is steal someones wallet and start using it. Debit, watch someone punch there code in and then steal there wallet. Want money, Well then just steal there wallet.
Im going to have to go with the figure print Idea…
I hope you all of you get your wallet stolen

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