New MP in the Fall

Mr. Cullen announced on March 1, 2019 that he’s not seeking another term in the Fall election. I am curious to see who will run. I have some thoughts on who I would like to see step up to serve. I’m no longer a member of any political party. That may change depending on who steps up. Interesting times!

I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its covers, but the Conservative’s choice for a candidate looks more like a sacrificial lamb than a serious contender. :neutral_face:

Kinda like how the Liberals sent a sacrificial lamb from Victoria a couple elections ago, knowing they can’t defeat Cullen.

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Historically Skeena-Bulkley Valley has been a safe NDP seat. Now that Mr. Cullen is heading to the private sector I suspect that the NDP will try to field a strong candidate. Interesting times. :slight_smile:

Perhaps Nathan just needs a break. His kids are at an age where they’d benefit the most by having their dad around.
'May not have seen the last of him.

I wish he’d drop the SNC thing though.
My crystal ball tells me that any inquiry into this issue will result in a large amount of tax dollars being spent with very little to show.
No thanks.

Never heard rumours about Cullen leaving for the private sector or LNG Canada (what a silly rumour btw), but there are many rumours on social media about him running for a seat in Victoria.

Question is where would he run? I’m guessing Ellis Ross’ seat if Doug Donaldson is running again.

North Coast.
Shouldn’t be a problem.

Agreed! It does depend on who steps up to serve. It would be wonderful to have a MP who lives here in PR.

Nathan lives in Smithers.

I know that. It will be nice if the new MP is a PR resident.

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I just realized you wrote MP not MLA…duh :rofl:

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Well I doubt it’ll be from Vanderhoof. I heard someone from there voted NDP once.

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NDP to start candidate search

Follows decision by Nathan Cullen to retire from politics

Edgar Cayce ish…

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I wish Taylor well. I hope that a Rupert resident chooses to step up and compete with Taylor.