New Marijuana laws - Is our federal government really this out of touch?

I find this absolutely ludicrous. Minimum 6 months for a single marijuana plant… clearly that is personal use and not intent to distribute. … …looks

What are your thoughts?

The federal conservative government is big on punishing criminal acts.  Unfortunately this is what people want, the neocons were voted into office.  I didn’t vote for the conservatives.  I’ll be supporting my candidate, Nathan Cullen, when the next general election is called.

To be concise, yes they are that out of touch.

These laws are a joke for one simple reason. The major crime associated with pot is the cultivation, distribution, and consumption.  If pot was treated like the rose bushes growing in your mothers garden (ie. no laws on the books) you would see any affiliation with organized crime/petty criminals disappear in a hurry.

The only argument I’ve heard from anti marijuana advocates is that people might smoke and drive. I’d venture a guess and say that the majority of retards that would disregard the law, get high, and drive impaired are already doing so regardless of pot being illegal.

Pretty much every jail in BC is full to capacity. I wonder where we’ll send these criminals? Anyone got a spare bedroom?

Do they get to bring their plants? if so I may have room.  :wink:

LOL, I don’t use pot.  My drug is of the legal, malt variety.
I will work to ensure that he is re-elected, he does good work.

I agree completely.  Roche and the like must be stopped.  There is this other corporation too… whats it called oh yeah BCLC they need to be stopped as well. Look at how many deaths they are responsible for a year.


Your ignorance knows no bounds. Please educate yourself or get the fuck out of my thread moron. 

Marijuana is less harmful than many legal drugs. 

edit: I meant BCL as in bc liquor… but lottery corp works as well.

does that mean you neither drink or smoke cigarettes? or even take tylenol for a headache then?

Or you can drive down the street and bust hundreds of 17 yr olds with a pot plant in the window and appear to be fighting crime.
You can fool some of the people ALL of the time. Harper counts on that!

North Korea is open for business.

Will pay $100 per head.

You just want our hydroponic technology so you can use slave labor to make an inferior product and sell it back to us at a cheaper rate.

Good to see someone is trying to think of ways capitalize on the port.  :smiley:

I’ll raise a glass to hoping that we can find a way to make ignorance illegal (or painful, that may work too).

Ignorance is already painful, unfortunately not for the ignorant.

If you think these people are not already smoking pot you are delusional.  A responsible pot smoker will not partake while on duty, or around their children. Much like the responsible alcohol drinker.  Of course there will be retards who dont follow common sense but thats what we have DUI and other criminal charges for.

Pot has a  bad reputation which has been built upon years of lies and mis-truths.  I smoke pot, often. Would you know it if you met me? no, no you wouldn’t.

I am an upstanding citizen, pay my taxes,  and am very involved with my community.    To put myself and people like me in the same class as meth addicts/crackheads shows your ignorance.

I think …[/quote]

No - I don’t believe that you do actually think.

… substance abuse (both by these youth and by the families that are supposed to be raising them) is the root cause of most of the crime in this town. [/quote]

Case in point.

Since when is drug abuse anything other than a symptom - not a cause?

I sincerely hope that if you are a parent that you exercise more tolerance with your children than you are showing here.

Your particular brand of ignorance is infinitely more harmful than any number of ‘joints’.


You are also ignorant, uninformative and useless.

i have a question for the people who are against marijuana.

have any of you actually done any reasearch into how benificial marijuana and hemp products are?
i remember hearing somthing about the hemp plant being able to be transfered into a renewable fuel resource. im not sure if its true or not… somthing id like to do more research on.

but look at all the cancer benifits marijuana has. no other drug you can say that about.
people who smoke weed are immune to glaucoma… which is really high among diabetics.

and again. if you classify marijuana as a drug… then i take it you dont drink any alcohol or smoke any cigarettes. or take any pills for headaches…

if youre going to be against “all drugs” then you cant forget about those.

And let’s not forget everyone’s favourite stimulant…coffee…