New MacBook

Just bought a new Macbook from Apples webstore and I know others here
have bought stuff from the Apple store too.

Tracking the shipment via FedEx website I see it originates in California. Am I
going to have to pay duty/customs on it? I paid in CAD and paid GST/PST on
it when I got my receipt from Apple.


No, you won’t have to pay duties.  When it arrives, contact The Russians if you’d like some software.

Mig, was the Russian comment tongue in cheek or do you have an aversion toward Macs?
This is a Mac laptop talking

That is good. It will be interesting to learn how our iMac and Macbook
will network.

Oh and r40345, I would hardly say MiG has an aversion to Macs as
that is what he mostly uses. :smile:

Think yourself lucky its only from California, mine have always shipped from Japan… its such a tease having to wait that long, and everything I’ve ordered always disappears for a while somewhere between Luxembourg and the UK…

You’re new around these parts aren’t ya?

whenever i order stuff from apple, it comes from china, then to anchorage alaska, then memphis tn, then vancouver, then richmond, then to me

Btw i also picked up one of those new macbooks, your going to love it

Been here since 1983

My last Macbook came from Shanghai, to Anchorage, to Memphis, to Vancouver.

And yeah, The Russians ™ are a group of people who provide software for Macs in Prince Rupert.  I hear they’re Russian. 

This is not an aluminum one, this is just a white 13" one. A few others in my family have these so I have used them quite a bit.

Mine went from Rancho Cordova, CA to Memphis to Calgary so far. I don’t know why Calgary and not Vancouver. Maybe it is a sign of things to come and it was put on the wrong plane!

But I did get shipping confirmation less than 2 hours after ordering it.


My daughter loves her Macbook.  Ordering from Apple is a treat, they’re very professional.  No complaints here:-)

Got my Mac mini online, got the Macbook at Future Shop. Just couldn’t WAIT… wanted it NOW…
When I decided for sure, I hunted down the guy who was the Mac enthusiast and showed it off to me the week before so he’d make the commish.

Off to scoop another Macbook… someone saw mine and stuffed money at me to get one for them. Told me to add ‘a consultant’s fee’… my Gawd…
I even made sure our store had half a dozen laptops in stock this season, and haven’t sold one. Macs, Aspire Ones, Eee’s selling. Vista laptops… nuthin…

In Soviet Russia, the MacBook computes you.

Oh man…

Got a 2.4 GHz white MacBook for $999… they threw in a surge bar, 2 GB USB flash, Canon 8 Mpix cam, Canon MP240 and iWork for $99 more!
No more white ones left, but the $99 pkg is a London Drugs deal on all Mac purchases this month!


[quote]Serious security flaw found in IE

Internet Explorer is used by the vast majority of the world’s computer users
Users of the world’s most common web browser have been advised to switch to a rival until a serious security flaw has been fixed.[/quote]

Heh-heh:-)  Speaking of security issues I’m going to upgrade my daughter’s Macbook to 10.5.6 this evening.

Don’t use software update, it froze my system and a lot of other peoples as well.
Try this instead this is how I got my system update most others are doing the same. … mbo_Update

Thanks for the heads-up:-)