New Items on there way to rupert

Soo,    :astonished:
Found out from a family member from alberta.that is working with this company that there are going to be sending out some sort of machines this way. What they are is “Coin” air machines! We are all going to have to pay for our air soon. this is crazyyyy LOL hope it is not for some time hahahaa

Welcome to the rest of canada. Getting raped by corporations/ the government at every turn.

Weird for sure :smile: I was looking at a few sites could be a wide variety of machines … =&aql=&oq=

is it oxygen bars ? they have been popping up lately and be profitable. … dex-1.html

I can see how they would be popular in highly populated, polluted metro areas…but in Rupert?? the air here is good - are you sure they’re coming here??  It doesnt make alot of sense - to me anyway  :smiley:

Uh, I think we’re talking about those machines that the gas stations have for inflating tires, could be wrong I guess, but that would make the most sense for an air machine.

Oh no! They’ve heard I’m buying and Aircar Taxi!

Yes, it really runs on compressed air.

I personaly Dont know what the “purpose” of these machines are… I think it will be a waste i they do come to this town cause we are so small but could/should be something like these… … airvac.jpg … s%3Disch:1

I think it will be one of those  anti-age oxygen machines that  Micheal Jackson used (forget what it is called  :confused: ) so we will still rust but we won’t have wrinkles…Oh wait. too late for me  :cry: