New isaac picture

Isaac turned 5 months on the 9th. The same day he also sat unassisted for the first time. And i had the camera ready.

I don’t know whether to say congrats to Dave, or to Isaac.


As much as I like seeing the pics of your cute happy child posted on these pages, I wonder if the kid is going to feel like Jim Carey’s character in the Truman Show when he is older and total strangers will tell him that they remember the day he first sat or his first teeth and so on.
Get ready for the therapy bills Dave. :wink:

As if being my son wouldn’t be enough to cause him to need therapy? :smiley:
I’m sure he’ll turn out just fine.

awe soo cute :smile:

Who’s this DAVE guy anyway? This baby is aweful cute though. Can’t wait to have kids of my own. My husband and I are hoping to have a baby girl (name will be Amy Maureen, for LONG personal reasons) but a son would be just as wonderful, although we haven’t chosen a boys name yet. Beautiful child Dave, congrats!!! :smiley: