New Hockey Night in Canada Theme Song

Here is the new theme, enjoy!!

There are some sad sad songs on that site.

Some are really good too!  I like the featured one “Blades of Steel”

The one I was taken to, sounded like someone killing a bunch of cats.

Encompassing hockey, my ass…  :unamused:

OMG that was awful…

That song would encompass hockey more if it took breaks for commercials.


I’ll keep browsing the site, but I haven’t found one yet that sounds like it should be the intro.

The song should be up beat, not slow. It should be catchy, and not something just one generation of people would enjoy.

I wish I was good at this whole music thing, I’d put in an entry.

you’ve got to be kidding me.    i’d rather be rick rolled.

Holy Lord, that was horrifying.  Babies crying, sheep baaing, how the hell does that say “hockey?”  Yikes. … _theme.php

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