New fall Shows

what fall shows in 2008/09 will you be watching?
oh and by the way I just bought a Motorola  DCT3416 its a dual HDTV TV turner with PVR.  I saved 300.00 buying of eBay then buying it from citywest. If you want one email me and I will send the link to get your own.

my Tv fall shows

the Sarah Connor chronicles
fringe (new for 2008 and also was released a few months ago to torrents sites.)
kyle xy
eureka (started already)
The bionic woman

The Sarah Jane Adventures Season
Dr who (December)

to name a few…

Hey astro,

I’m a news junky so I watch all the news on CNN, CBC.  I also like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
I’ve been reading a lot of murder mysteries this summer:-)

I dun have TV :frowning:

Been watching all the regular stuff, and just caught up on season 1 of “Mad Men” another awesome AMC series.  Season 2 is on now.

Some stuff I’m following (with RSS feeds, etc):

There are others that are on the TiVo Season Pass thing, mainly stuff that I’m too lazy to convert over to RSS feeds.

I’m looking forward to … 90210 :wink:

You watch tooooo much tv MiG.  How’s the bike riding going?

Any news on Reaper? please tell me its comeing back…

Pretty good.  And the TV watching is all RSS stuff.  It’s maybe an hour or two per day.  The difference is that there’s always something on TV that I want to watch, rather than just surfing the channels and hoping something interesting is on.

Sorta like the difference between having a big CD or MP3 collection and just listening to the radio.  I get to choose what I want to watch. The only live TV I watch is probably an hour or two of soccer on Sundays.

Like today I’ve watched no TV until right now, and I’m watching an episode of “Midsomer Murders.”

I checked the CW site and right now, it’s listed as being aired sometime later in the season-not the most promising news I am sorry to say.

As for me, I’m eagerly awaiting the return of “Pushing Daisies”, “The Big Bang Theory” and “How I Met Your Mother”. I’ll probably tune into “Numb3rs” since I’m back to having Friday nights off (I worked evening/night shift all last season until mid-April) but aside from that and catching out how ABC does with it’s Americanisation of “Life On Mars”, it’s BBC-Canada and the Discovery channel for the times I don’t feel like sitting down with a good book.

The Riches
The Cleaner
Rescue Me (anyone have any hints where to watch this one - since we don’t get FX here…I’ve been, uhm, renting - yeah, that’s it - renting all the seasons…)
Criminal Minds
Family Guy
American Dad
Big Love (haven’t started watching it yet - was recommended from a friend)
Unique Whips
Powerblock on Spike - Trucks/Extreme 4x4/Horsepower/Muscle Car
Rick Mercer
Flashpoint (well, watched a couple of episodes now and not sure if I’ll continue watching it - a little predictable)

Like the original wasn’t bad enough =P

Gundam 00 and Toradora are two I’ll most likely be checking out. Dunno many other shows coming in the fall. I’ll have to check the 'net.

Not watching anything listed here, though. Just some good ol’ fashioned Daily Show and Colbert Report every now and then, but that’s always on.

The TV series/shows I’ll be watching this upcoming fall are as follows -

House MD
The Big Bang Theory
Bionic Woman

I’m soooo happy!  Pretty much all the shows I wanted to watch this season are online for free and legally!  CTV and Global both have a lot of shows online, and it’s sooo awesome!

sorry no Bionic Woman… its gone gone gone

:frowning: darnit, oh well. I am more than satisfied with Heroes, House, and Smallville. oh and I cannot forget The Big Bang Theory, that ish is hilarious :smile:

CSI  NY,  and LAS Vegas
Fringe ( a new show, liked the pilot, we’ll give it a few more episodes and see )

but it does not start until Jan 2009,  good news is they have a contract with the network for two more seasons and thats it,  so it will end, hopefully with some sort of conclusion we can be happy with,  and understand without some recap of all the last four years special episode.  Man I hate that I like the show so much.

Yeah - me too - 2 more episodes in and I am still hooked. 

I’m going squirelly with having to wait until March 2009 for the new season of Rescue Me though.

Ah someone else noticed Fringe… interesting so far. Almost X-files meets Lost,

Lost has become a 24 type show, won’t be back til after Christmas!