New Engine in town!

Drove past northern savings credit union just now.and what a site to see, a nice looking fire engine gleeming in the sun!!!

Was it this one?

should let us all drive it since our taxes paid for it lol

This is the Beast  :smiley: I hope this upload works haha. Having troubles upload…

Nice Beast!!! Thanks for the pic.

Thanks Sindicat for the photo, I just drove by the Pac and saw it turning in there. Wonder if they will have an open house and park it so people can see it, rather than it cruising around town.  :smile:

Be patient I’m sure there will be some cause for it to move around town and then stop eventually.

Darn, we just had a parade!!  :smiley:

It spent part of the afternoon hanging around the PAC, kind of having its own little parade.

You to tell me there is Sun out right now? and a New Fire Truck which some of us paid for? Shitttttttttt.[/quote]

Was at work last night, And the had it just showing off in safeway parking lot! What a show, :smile: lol  Lights just blazzin away, and the ladder at full swing. was pretty good. Too Bad I didnt have a Video cam or else I would have take a short Vid. :frowning:

Must be a big deal it’s on the front page of the paper :astonished:

It is a big deal 700.000

        “the little engine that could”…

Red and shiny! Ah’ like it!

Now maybe they’ll actually be able to put out a fire…nah, probably not.

think positive Neph…next fire could be your house…or should be.

… nasty… :unamused: