New Engine has it's first accident

Just drove past the Fire Hall and it looks like they tried to get the shiney new engine out in a hurry and didn’t wait for the door to go all the way up. The bottom panel was smashed out and it looked like smoke coming out of the parkingbay. I guess if you are going to have a fire then close to the fire ighters is the place to have it.

  I’m sorry but that IS funny  :smiley:  I only hope they weren’t on a call but maybe just on a “show-off” the new red wagon on a sunny day trip !!

They probably don’t think it’s very funny but I’m with you it’s funny as hell as long as nobody ends up hurt or injured because they need the truck and it’s stuck in the fire hall behind an damaged door. I was temped to go have a closer look but they were already ushering lookey loo’s away. Maybe the smoke was something seriouse or maybe they just didn’t want it on HMF.

hee hee that is funny!!!  Wonder if they were practicing?  :wink:

HAHAHAHAH.a…wow…Glad I got the pic I posted when I got it… :sunglasses: :unamused:

I guess they should practice opening the door before putting it in gear. lol

Did the fire truck come with a driver’s manual?  Perhaps they need to review it before it leaves the building next time!!!  Fixing doors, guess another expense to the tax payers.  :frowning:

New fire truck, $700,000.00

New Door        $4000.00

New electric opener $2000.00

Having the taxpayers to foot the bill  Priceless

I hear alot of complaints on this board. But I can’t beleive you guys are bitching about the fire hall now. I’m sure none of you will be bitching next time there’s a house fire and those boys get everyone out safely.

The little engine probably did but the garage door opener didn’t, I guess!  Let’s see, this button for UP, this button for DOWN, oh, what’s this one for?  OOPS  !!   :smiley:

Maybe it’s like when Will Smith tried to fly the alien ship in the movie Independence Day - and some idiot had put the map on the steering wheel wrong (the arrows saying which way to point the stick to go forward, backward, left or right).

Bubbasteve, you are correct, there has been many complaints on this board. I am glad there is a place where people can post and let others know what is going on in the community good/bad. We don’t get much from the Daily News and glad Northernview gives information good/bad, not as filtered and controlled like the other paper.

I appreciate the work the firemen and first responders do in this community, but again accidents do happen and there is a cost to the tax payers and its good to know what has happened.  I am also glad to hear no one was hurt, but when things go wrong, it is good to learn from it as I am sure the department has.    :smile:

Not sure the Daily News would put it in the paper, please let me know if it is there.

It’s called a little harmless venting and something that I believe ALL of us do on here and besides, who said we didn’t appreciate the services that our firemen and women provide? We can’t do anything about the rising costs in our community, it seems, so what else can we do but make light of it once in awhile?  How do you know one of our posters is not a member of our brigade anyway?  :sunglasses:

I do agree.  and everyone does have there own say to things. Some may be rude and crude that is the only problem.