New Computer Case . . . OR Not?

Why Hello HTMF! How is it going?

that’s good, that is good.

okay yes sir!

Coolermaster CM 690 Mid Tower Black ATX Case 5X5.25 5X3.5INT No PS Front USB Sound Firewire & eSATA - is the case I will be buying.

this is the link for it! -

this is a picture of it! -

the retail price @ is about $73, but I receive Rebates/Special deals from VIP/Premium Membership.

(I can’t tell you the price with the memberships… sorry)


I put the order in on friday afternoon.

currently, we’re doing so far so good.



but take a look at a nice screenshot.

Yayyyyy almost finished, can’t wait until they ship it out!!!

BUT THEN this happens!!!

now, to reveal the irony in this situation.

for a while I had been planning on purchasing a brand spanking new hard drive to replace the mass amount of hard drives I currently have installed in my computer.

unfortunately, when the certain case I was talking about went on sale, I couldn’t resist. I mean, hard drives may wait . . . Right? . . . No, which I learned the hard way.

lols that sux  :smile:

the retail price @ is about $73, but I receive Rebates/Special deals from VIP/Premium Membership.

(I can’t tell you the price with the memberships… sorry)[/quote]

first 2 rules of ncix club: you do not talk about ncix club.

some good news I believe.

when a customer cancels a order with NCIX Online, and you have already sent the payment VIA Electronic Bill Payment (EBP) then, you must contact your Bank to request the money be refunded.

so, I had gone ahead and contacted my bank (BMO) by phoning the direct banking managers, they’d informed me that, while they have put in a request to have my money refunded, it may take up to 30 business days for me to see that $200 in my online banking account once again.

Which confuses me, NCIX tells me that I need to ask my bank to have a reversal on the payment; and after I had spoken with a banking manager, she had told me that BMO needs to request my money back from NCIX.

loophole!! (well not literally, I’m sure one of the two parties will figure something out) … and if they don’t I’ll phone them a lot.  :imp: :imp:

However, if things go smoothly. it will be worth the wait. because all good things are worth waiting for, and I’m quite sure a new hard drive is good! for ANYONE!  :imp: :imp: :imp:

One word, PAYPAL! Second word,, Thirdword, SHOP!

Use a credit card, then you’re protected by the card.  If they don’t ship, you call the card company up and tell them.  Most cards double the warranty periods as well.

in no way is Paypal’s 2 week clearance period going to help me, nor is tigerdirect’s limited merchandise, crazy shipping costs, expensive prices, and long wait time between point A & point B(point A being their buildings) and (point B being my house :imp:)

also, I’ve no need for a credit card either. Sure it would be nice to have “extended warranties” even though I already receive them from my memberships with NCIX. and perhaps the fast processing time. but on another note, EBP processes just as fast. 

so thanks anyways

paypal 2 weeks ? WTF mines 2-3 days.

TigerD smartening up yet? I have some leftover 754 boards and they seemed to be the last people with any AMD754s left in stock.
But I just will not pay 30% over US listed prices…

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]But I just will not pay 30% over US listed prices…


Hello, I just finished ordering and paying for my new hard drive.

it’s a 250 GB SATA2 Seagate, so hopefully I’ll be receiving it via express shipping/processing because of

by at least friday! :smile:

yes I am aware that 250 GB is like tiny. and that most 500 GB hard drives are about $90-150, but take into consideration that : 1- I have limited funds for computer equipment, 2- I have to worry about other things such as groceries, self care, and head-and-shoulders shampoo.


Just built a QuadCore with an NVidia880GTX & 500GB sata, sata DVDRW.
Fucking thing starts up and just shuts down after 10 seconds.
I think it’s got enough power 850W supply…

from the sounds of it, it’s a POST error.

if you can reset the BIOS settings, and if that doesn’t work I would clear CMOS settings.

are you receiving errors in the immediate viewing area when you turn the computer on?

and if not, after you’ve configured the BIOS set it so that the “FULL SCREEN LOGO” is turned off, and that you can see the POST Messages :smiley:

it’s unfortunate that you’re receiving errors with such a nice setup.

also, if you may provide the name of the motherboard I may do more research, I’ll help ya fix this!

the possible issues are - a piece of hardware is not receiving enough Volts in power, or, your memory is not posting due to default settings from motherboard, this may seem impossible to some, but it is in deed very much possible.

note - “memory is not posting due to default settings from motherboard” can cause your memory to underclock which may cause errors, which is why I brought the “default mobo settings” up

My Sys Specs are -

AMD Athlon X2 4000+ Brisbane, OCZ System Elite DDR2-800 PC26400, Asus M2Ne-SLi

and even I received POST errors upon First boot up, after I manually input my Correct voltages and settings, I have never received a POST error since :stuck_out_tongue:

so I am very confident that it’s a Conflict because of wrong BIOS settings.

the best thing to do, is if you may - find out the precise timings, voltages, and multipliers, etc. for your hard ware (IE - CPU/RAM) and input those timings, voltages, multipliers, etc. in your motherboards BIOS configuration.

if you are still having problems after that it is possible that your RAM is shot, and a future RMA is inbound =o

Newegg would probably make a nice profit if they ever extended their services to Canada.

yeah that would be cool, NCIX should open up some warehouses / stores in USA, and Newegg should do the same for Canada! :smile:

imagine the computer parts, variety, and savings?!?!

So much red tape! :frowning: Everyone’s so scared of identity theft right now, I guess. In a few years, when all those computer noobs that let someone steal their credit card info are computer literate, I think lots of this red tape will be taken down.

Sucks about your HD though. :frowning:

I am relieved now that they have shipped my new hard drive, although it was quite the journey getting my money back.

Yeah, not quite like handing it over the counter and getting a new one at your local shop.
Just heard from a guy today, I don’t have his laptop drive in stock and he’s not waiting 48 hours for the courier to bring it to me. He’s gonna call ncix, pay right now and wait a week instead.
In such a hurry to get it, his brain doesn’t work.

Look at it this way, you can make your money on fixing it instead, since you make hardly any money on selling him a new laptop, you will make WAY more fixing it, because i garantee he will need it fixed, if he is doing that kinda stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

HEY click this it will speed up your computer, or FWD, lookie lookie, click this click that clicky clicky :stuck_out_tongue:

Stupid Intel crap. It’s the mickey-mouse nylon hold-downs on the fan. One loosened making a bad seal with the CPU and the Quad-core would overheat and shut off.
That 8800GTX would go good in a washroom though. Tosses enough heat to dry your hands!

Gonna test it against my X2 6000+ tomorrow and if it’s faster, it’s time for a Phenom!