New CityWest CEO outlines his vision to council

City Council heard from CityWest’s new CEO Bill Craig on Monday evening that the company wants to focus on customers first, cuts costs that are controllable and expand its services … 56463.html

Customer focus? expanded services? cut controllable costs? well someone is a keener. Never fear though the good ol boys will surely be there to destroy that attitude in short time. Do his plans include removing the stupid ripoff ubb policy?

It’d be interesting to see citywest go back to a company that was there to serve prince ruperts citizens rather than be a tax burden that serves only to pay ridiculous salaries to its executive.

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Done. Not sure why it didn’t just show up.

Not sure this will be helpful to the goal of adding more customers…

From the Northern View story:

Adding more HDTV channels are also a priority, and while the company can’t compete with satellite at the moment, it has to adapt, Craig said.

Beyond that it would seem that the “tweaking” may involve some union issues, which should be interesting to watch

A quick way for the new CEO to demonstrate that he cares about customers (and the commitment to the community) would be to scrap the metered internet plan.

A half-million Canadians have signed a petition against the practice ( ) – the largest petition in Canadian history.

Almost 500 people have signed the local facebook petition asking Citywest to not meter the internet:

Now people are sending messages directly to Citywest, Nathan Cullen, and the City Council asking them to reconsider a metered internet -->

Personally, I’d love to see Citywest treat its best customers and strongest advocates with respect, instead of threatening them with lawsuits and treating them with contempt? How about a range of internet packages with varying bandwidths, instead of $2.00/GB ? I’d gladly pay more per month for 15megabit, for example. I know some people who would be happy with 512mb or 1gigabit. But that’s just my personal opinion.

threats of lawsuits? really?