New Cardeck?

Im getting a Kenwood DNX5120 Installed in my car.  Its touch screen and can pretty much do anything.  Anyone Have one of these? Or a sim model?

i have the previous version of that one, watch out for sun damage to the screen.  is yours the flip down?  if not, get the sun cap that goes over it, as the light when exposed to for long periods will burn the screen, and the warrantly won’t cover it.

LOL, sun damage, for a Rupert post, hmmmm,  words I never thought I’d see mentioned in the same sentence… :sunglasses:

Hey now, I had a red mustang, and it was completely faded from the sun. The interior went all yellow.

Do you know if I can plug a external harddrive in the usb and run all my movies and music off it?

ya, i had to get an adaptor but i believe the new model, the one you have is hardwired for it, if not, you can get the adaptor at futureshops website