New Camera just after bridge

I was on my way to Terrace yesterday, and i noticed a camera on the mainland side facing the bridge up on one of the polls. I tried to find it on but couldn’t find anything or any cameras closer than Smithers. My only guess is that they are watching for terrorists from Terrace who might try to blow up our bridge to keep us out of there Wallfart and Crappytire.

I read in the Daily News yesterday that the container port is spending millions on security equipment including cameras to monitor traffic out in the harbour and waterways.  Maybe that camera is part of that security system.

Maybe it’s for counting how many people are going to terrace to shop.  you know one of those “studies” that the city is conducting to see if its worthwhile having large container type stores here.  But if that’s the case then they should have put it past port ed.  Just in case some of the cars are actually going there. 

BIG BROTHER: is watching you… :smiley:, soon we will have a camera on every corner…watching… always  watching…watching…watching…watching…