New business in Prince Rupert

I’ve heard a rumor about a new catering business/restaurant opening up in Prince Rupert. Didn’t hear many details, just that it would involve gourmet wedding cakes, desserts, ice creams, and organic coffee? Wondering if there would even be a market for this type of buisness here… Has anyone heard anymore details? I’m kinda stoked on the idea of more locally produced gourmet desserts. Especially because my work likes to buy catering… Yum :smile:

I might know the dessert person you are looking for. She does special occasion cakes, baking, sugar paste and gelatin flowers, wedding, 3-D cakes. If you are interested in cupcakes both delicious and artful, see her, Teri, at the Last Minute Market at the Moose Saturdays, and she is also at the community Salmonberry Farmers Market at the Court House Thursdays from 4-8pm. She has a following.
As for organic fair trade coffee, I carry Bean North Coffee from Whitehorse Saturdays at the Last Minute Market. The Rupert cottage industry is coming on strong these days. Salmonberry and the Last Minute Market are two places you can support micro business locally.