New Business at old Via Rail Station?

Is there a new business starting up at the old via rail station down along the waterfront? Over the last week or so, someone has been gutting the inside. I had heard rumors that it may be a new restaurant. Anyone know?

Heard the same thing!  They have been gutting in for a bit now and I believe there are supposed to be offices upstairs.  Sure hope they focus on some good security though, seems to be the target of constant vandalism  :unamused:

[quote=“codybear933”] Sure hope they focus on some good security though, seems to be the target of constant vandalism  :unamused:

It seems that vandalism has just been accepted as a price of doing business in Prince Rupert. Sad really!!

It’s probably something to do with CN because that’s CN property down there.

The landscape at Waterfront Park will soon see some remodeling as the City is close to striking a deal with private investors to take over the old VIA Rail station on the waterfront and redevelop it apparently for office and retail use.

The long time historic building on the edge of the harbour has become a run down shell of what it once was, a bit of an eyesore in the midst of the ongoing redevelopment of the area.

The plan as outlined by Mayor Herb Pond to the Daily News is that the city will sell the old building to an undisclosed as yet third party who will renovate and reinvigorate the building, turning the asset back over to the city in fifty years…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 5793916416 )-

Are you saying Pond is back? Yeah I heard a eating & drink place with offices upstairs.But was it really Pond who said that?

It was from the days when Herb was Mayor, from the archives as you will.  Imgaine that they’re just getting around to doing the work on the building now, indicative I guess of the economic times of the moment.

I believe the guy who bought it or one of the buyers spends most of his time in Tim’s or acting like Tony Soprano. But I am sure the place is a mess and I know that Tony has taken alot of trash out of there then we have many window busted up. Nice building but do we really need some expensive diner in this town.

yes we do . it would hopefully be a start of something nice on the waterfront such a waste of waterfront property as it is

Gotta say, I am pretty darn excited.  It’s so nice to see evidence of positive change!  Being in the process of renovating 4 older houses myself, I hope everything goes smoothly for the buyers and that we soon get to experience the inside of one of Rupert’s most interesting buildings.

Would love to see something happen down on the waterfront

Last year when our office building lease came up for tender, the VIA rail building’s managers came forward with a bid. They wanted our office to move in there and there were plans for an architect firm to be upstairs plus they were looking for a franchise restaurant to go in as well (something along the lines of Milestones was what we were told). There were also plans to build a marina and even to build a skywalk to connect to downtown.

Go big or go home, from the sounds of it…however, there were some problems with completion dates or whatever and there seems to have been some significant delays.

If they can pull off even HALF their plans, it’ll be tres tres cool.

  when I first moved to Rupert, there was a walkway. Where the Rupert Square is, that was a beautiful park, and you could walk to the waterfront via this walkway…
shit… I wish it was back then, and I could sit in that park again… :smile:

sit on the bench by zellers could be as quiet


You are correct Soggy, the fellow’s application was accepted over 4 yrs ago, it has taken him this long to get the necessary cooperation from the City to proceed with the project. 

And the citizens wonder why businesses do not want to set up here? With all the red tape at city hall, it does make one wonder why someone would invest here?

This will certainly add to the waterfront (offices upstairs and business down). However just look at the old Kwinitsa site?  Needs a new roof and paint would be a good thing.  And perhaps washrooms for not only the citizens to use but the tourists. 

The Official Community Plan, the citizens did mention they would like access to the waterfront and I know we do but for how long? With the increase in the containers on the CN rails and the boost of security patrol… how much of the waterfront are the citizens going to enjoy?

And not to mention parks, the Mariner’s seems to be getting smaller and smaller, really, with the city’s events and the citizens want to enjoy, is it really big enough?

Just some thoughts… 

While walking there yesterday i ran into a senior who was asking why there weren’t washrooms on the waterfront. I told him they’d probably get wrecked if they were left open during the night.

Soggy, there are public washrooms up by the Mariner’s park, it can be done down there also. Heck, the Kwinitsa is under management of the Museum and could be a highlight if ran more efficiently, guess it is not a priority. 

  Menu : Pigeon soups…Pigeon stews…Pigeon Kiev…Pigeon Ala king  :stuck_out_tongue:

Owners are italian businessmen from down south.

They are building offices on the top floor and the bottom will be split with a Italian Gelato/Ice Cream shop on one side (1/3) and some sort of restaurant on the other side (2/3) (no word if franchised or not).

Project is underway and should be completed within the year.