New brewpub

anyone see that peglegs was sold and a craft beer pub is opening in its place? cant wait hope its good beer and great atmosphere

This will make my kids kind of sad-they loved eating out there anytime we travelled up for a visit.



Relax, have a homebrew.

My first reaction was that this is part of the “YALS” factor that Prince Rupert seems to have. (Yet Another Liquor Store). This seems like an interesting concept though.

there’s a brewpub in Nanaimo, and it’s pretty cool.  A funky, classy, fun place to  go for a bite and a beer.

After actually reading their website and stuff, I have but one thing to say:

Fuck I love beer.

Conveniently located near the Court House for your drunk in public convenience. :smiley:

Though for those that don’t over indulge it should be a pretty good spot, nice place for a beer, hope they do well…

Why only for those “that don’t over indulge it”? Is that a requirement for getting in?

Was thinking more of the folks that enjoy wandering the streets in a stupor, so feel free to drop in if you wish, your behaviour will be up to your whims I guess.

  Nope, that would be a requirement for getting out… :smiley:

i cant wait i grew up in victoria where there was numerous brewpubs

miss them and love them lol

down there is swans , spinnakers , the canoe club , hugos GREAT FOOD AND BEER at all lol.

been a dream to open one up here so im curious to see how it does to see if my idea was good or not lol

It’ll be a while before you can taste brew actually made at Popeye’s. Currently they only have a restaurant alcohol license and will be specializing in BC beers. Until a brew pub licence is actually issued, no locally produced beer.

Am very looking forward to it though.