New band from Vancouver

A new band that im sure is going to be big in a few years, straight outta vancouver. The badns called Oakalla, my uncles in it, their music is amazing. Check out their myspace site and listen to their songs off the website. Theyre doin their first show in vancouver tommorow night too.


^^ Their old website/Old band name.

Did they all do time in Oakalla?

Listened to the music, I cant see them being big.  One of the songs would never get air time cuase of the lyrics.  The singer made me sleepy.  Im going to bed now

I have a friend who did time in Oakalla over the infamous Stones riot.
Also have another who did time making license plates. The Labour Board ruled it was unfair to force prisoners to make them, so for one summer he was bused into Oakalla every morning, made licence plates for $14 an hour, and was bused out at 4:30.
Funny thing was, they never ruled that the workers had to pay for meals so they ate lunch with the prisoners, for free!

3 of the bandmembers grandfather did time in oakalla for standing up to some commys or something. I dont really know the history but it was a good thing!

Anyways those songs on the site are just the demos. As you can hear the actual sound of the “Demo” is amazing compared other many other bands demos that are all crackly sounding and whatnot, their demos sound like professional songs using really really good recording equipment.

Also you havent heard their songs that are going on the album. I have some of those songs and all their demos on my computer (about 30 songs) because im related to a band-memeber, and as much as id like to post one of those songs up to prove a point, i cant until the album drops. The closest sounding song to the album ones from that site would probably “Open Road/Open Door”.

Billy, im guessing you listened to the Mr Smith song, i dont particulary like that one either.