Never mind the coalition holding, it's the Liberals that are falling apart

Yikes, they’ve gone from the guys that wanted to run the country and now they can’t even agree on how to pick their next leader…

Interesting times for Liberals… … itics/home

I’ve been following this all weekend and laughing my ass off.



Looks like Ignatieff could be the leader as soon as wednesday

With 55 out of 77 its sounds like its all over ‘cept the cryin’

I think you missed a whole level of this move. The coalition with Dion at the head went over like a fart in an elevator.
Now Iggy the Egghead can have a little chat with Il Douchebag and tell him to make nice.
Tell Bob Rae to pick a Cabinet post, act as go-between with the NDP and run a token contest against him in May.
It even leaves a coalition intact as a threat.
Let Harper remove all the partisan crap and pass the budget.
Blame him in April when it stumbles, as it can’t possible fix things that fast.
Do the coalition thing til June, then piss off the Bloq and come out that ‘you just can’t work with these separatists’, call an election.
The Libs get rebuilt. The Tories get turfed. There’s an ally in waiting with the NDP. The Bloq gets screwed by all.

EDIT: forgot to add ‘and the universe unfolds at is should’…
PLUS you have Justin in waiting, ready to roll out like the Baby Jesus

Sorry herbie don’t see your scenario playing out.

The next six weeks will see a vat of blood on the Liberal floors as they battle out where exactly they should be as a party, cozy with the NDPers or standing on their own to take their true goal unfettered power.

They’ll not be in any shape to form a government after this bit of goofiness plays out, especially if Iggy is selected by secret ballot inside caucus and without the liberal troops allowed a say (hell political types, they live for those conventions, the only real reason they join the parties)

With all of that playing out, I can’t see the GG turning the keys to the Hill over to the coalition (which by then will be dead anyways), instead if the Libs and their new  former buddies bring down the gov’t in January I still say we all end up at the polls, and man good luck to the Liberals motivating the troops after this mess.

If he wasn’t such an dolt, you’d swear that Mr. harper actually knew what he was doing here, instead he’s benefitting by the stumble bums of the opposition…

Tis a crazy little country we call home 

Iggy seems to have the inside for interim leader. That gives him an edge for convention if he plays things as smart as they claim he is. Bob Rae is still hated by too many in Ontario.
I don’t think the coalition will hold with Iggy at the helm either. But it’s a card to play if it must be played.
The NDP will always back the centrist Libs, no way in hell will the Tories ever get their support again. That means the Libs only have to outnumber the Tories in the next election.
I’ll support a Lib-NDP coalition or Lib minority anyday.
I simply don’t understand the people. Everyone I talk to hates almost every policy of the CPC. But not a goddam one blames the idiot for causing the crisis. Most of them, as we’ve mentioned, don’t know how the system works and that they didn’t vote for Harper or Dion, they voted for Nathan Cullen and the Naked Mayor. They want to vote on the issue, okay. That’s up to the PM and the GG, not the ‘coalition’. The coalition didn’t deny anyone a vote, the PM did by asking for a prorogue and not an election.

I don’t know, Looks like some of the liberal leadership candidates are already throwing’ support to Iggy, add to that he doesn’t have the fund raising problems that Dion had. I think a lot of what Herby says makes sense. I also wouldn’t be too sure about Harpers stability pro conservative blogs are talking about Prentice as the heir apparent.