Network Latency

Next week I will be getting an Internet account at CityTel. I see there are two options, DSL or Cable. Leaning towards Cable, but am wondering what the latency is like on the City Tel Cable network as compared to DSL. I am now using a DSL account on Citytel and the latency seems pretty respectable, how much slower is the cable network?

skipped a groove, running analog mode, meant this for the tech forum

There are currently issues with Citywest Cable. I spoke to Keith about it just before Christmas because their “bundle” with cable net is cheaper than DSL and you get a max greater than the basic DSL account. He said something about the kit they are using has some bottlenecks on it, they had ordered some equipment to upgrade or replace something I think.

I guess the end of the conversation was that he suggested that I stay with DSL.

And CityWest latency is typically very good for a small ISP, unfortunately they are often handicapped by trunks leaving town that are outside of their control.