Nestle music contest?

Has anyone joined this contest? I wouldn’t mind going on tour with Simple plan or winning a shopping spree!! Blah…I need some new clothes.!

Nestle VIP Music Experience
Have you heard of the Nestle VIP Music Experience? Check out this link to enter some cool contests like going on tour with Simple Plan or winning a private concert by Stacie Orrico. They are even have a contest to hang out with B2K in Los Angeles and a few other prizes! I think you can go to and enter, or you can go here =)


can anyone say viral marketing?

however, i would enjoy going on tour with simple plan, simply to make fun of them the entire time for being whiny little girls.

I think that Simple Plan is headlining at the Warped Tour :frowning:

meh i dont really like simple plan but the guys are hawt

i just realized that not too many people like simple plan. how about yellowcard and sugarcult? Those are two bands we might be interviewing I wouldnt mind touring with any band…just the whole experience would be cool. But if I had to choose…I could use the shopping spree.

no both of those bands suck as well.

your teen pop interview site is so kewl dood.

everything sucks to you.


yeah u get us down on our hands and knees almighty one. :wink:

no thanks.

Shit, I get down on my hands and knees for him.

I tried to run him over a few days ago.