Needs To Apppoligize

`My Attitude has been very wrong lately i as a friend said Feel off the world for a while, but as of today am back on and am Turning over a New leaf have recommitted myself to God, SO to all those i have Hurt and done wrong I am very sorry and for those who know me if you see me gambling, drinking or smoking please  go to my Pastor.

  So again i appologize for everythingi have said to anybody on here and have hurt i know there maybe some who wont believe but all that matters is That God believes me and ewverybody will see the Change in me

      Well, I have to say, I have no idea as to your “fall from the world” but it would appear to me that you may have been carrying quite a load and to “recommit” yourself to God and to “turn over a new leaf” all in one day is asking for a great deal from yourself. Baby steps there FrescaBaby.  Be patient with yourself , be kind to yourself and know in your heart that you are a good person. As for “reporting” to your Pastor. why?  Is he/she your judge and jury or your babysitter?

He is my Friend and PAstor and i ask that this is done to keep me on the right path. you do not have to but he is my accountability person

Does he or she hold a mirror for you , so you make look into yourself to rearrange your soul and mind. Whatever you may have done was what the normal person would call experience or experiment . I understand you love for the Great Creator but he or she wishes for you to excel on your own . Has your pastor learned how to put his or her ego behind them ? What ever you do good luck but do not involve the HTMF world .

  I never want to involve the htmf world i was just appologizing for any harm or attitude i had caused anybody on here

could you ask this god guy if he isnt too busy enriching the lives of wealthy north americans if he could shoot some grub to africa? since he creates universes a couple tons of grain for the kids that are going starve to death in the next twenty four hours shouldnt be too too tough for a guy with skills like that, whats his problem anyways? he seems like a tightwad to me, always playing favorites, only feeding rich white people. whats with that anyways? at the vary least shoot them a few rainclouds, he can give them a few of ours. and this never ending ego, needing constant praise or else, seems a bit childish to me. george carlin pegged him best " the bible is the biggest bullshit story thats ever been told". there, consider the pot well stirred, this should be good… :smiley:

Chris you have your idea about God or not and i have mine, i didnt start this Rost to start a fight , I started it to appoligize to those i have hurt with mny attitude on here . But will put ina request to send Food to where God thinks it is needed and anybody else have a request that i can send, it may or may not get answered thats up to God

aww, your no fun. not even a small nip? :imp:

Lol good one Cris how about a Dear Cris colum you would put Ann landers to shame  :astonished: