Need to open a .doc

Ok I’m not on my computer, and I have to do some work tonight that requires opening and adding to a .doc file.  What’s the quickest and easiest program other than word and wordpad I can use?  This computer doesn’t have word, and wordpad says the file is corrupt.  I know there are pictures and textboxes and the like involved in the file, so I’d rather not use wordpad anyways.

Help ASAP would be appreciated. … -2.4.6.exe

Thanks man… works so far!

I also like open office, which is an excellent Microsoft Office replacement.  It is free and compatible with MS docs. :smiley:

I rock openoffice for all my word processing and sheet spreading needs.

Agreed.  OO is excellent! :smiley:

Maybe I should have tried that instead… I wasn’t able to do the work correctly with AbiWord.  Oh well… off to my mom’s minivan!

That doesn’t sound right when I say it.

Open Office is compatible with Word.  You will be able to open, modify, save, and create word docs with OO. :smiley: