Need Motherboard

Ok so my HD blew on Sunday…no biggie. Was running '98 still. In fact it was the same install I had done on it almost 2 yrs ago. Amazing, considering how many people I hear having to reinstall all the time…but anyway.

Get new drive, start installing XP for something different. Hangs, locks during install and reboot. Damn. Play around for about an hour, rip it all down to bare bones, still hangs on reboot after copying files.

Ok give up, grab 98 off the shelf…same damn thing. Ok now I start looking close…yup there…4 caps with a nice white/rusty crap caked to the top of them…well I guess that also explains the random lockups Ive been having off and on the last few months.

As this is a Celeron 900 (I dont play any games) and socket 370 boards are not to be had anymore and I dont want to pay $500 for new mb/ram/cpu this week…does anyone have a mb that will take a celeron 900 for cheap?


That board i sold you died SHITTY!!! I can get you something down here if you want…


email me at itsparks at uniserve dot com