Need a hand

I’m in need of someone handy who is capable of installing a drop ceiling (and knowing where to buy one) I need the job quoted and completed sooner than september.  If you are capable or know someone who is please send me a message!


That’s a floating ceiling right?

It can’t be that hard, my friend did one in her basement a few years ago. You could probably do it yourself with a lazer level and a little bit of research online.

Bob Vila can help! … ctwork.htm

I probably could figure it out myself…but really I’d rather pay someone else to do it  - I like to support the local economy  :smiley:
I just need to find someone

Be carefeul,if someone doesn’t know what they are doing, they can ruin a lot of expensive material that you paid for.

Rupert Acoustics does that sort of thing.

so does Eby’s ,Rupert wood N’Steel,J&J,
but once again be careful,there are lots of incompetents out there who claim they know what they are doing

Rupert Wood N Steel did a great job on our front and side deck a few years ago, and they are probably going to be doing our new driveway and carport soon too.

I’ll also put in a positive vote for Rupert Wood N Steel.  They’ve done work for me in the past.  Absolutely first rate work!  :sunglasses:

thank you!!!

we jus had our bathroom redone…by a retired contractor…who did an awesome job on very short notice they gutted the bathroom along with some minor plumbing drywalling the whole shebang…we were not at all disappointed oh n it was done within a week if you like i can run it by the couple  :smiley: