NDP surprise surprise against LNG

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hey Nathan which local First Nations didn’t the government consult on the project? and Mulcair your leader alludes to the majority of local First Nations are opposed to the project, really why don’t you and your leader tell us which of the villages whose territory the Lelu Island resides in is opposed to the project? or are you trying to say First Nations that have no say in the territory are opposed to it?

Likewise to Mr Horgan the BC NDP Leader is saying the same thing

Font worry it’s not happening! Petronas is having a fire sale ! Lol
UPDATE 1-Petronas weighs sale to exit $27 bln Canada LNG project - sources | Energy & Oil | Reuters

Dear Ms Rice maybe if you talked to the communities whose territory the LNG project actually resides in instead of communities that will not derive any revenues from it maybe you will find out the majority are for it, hence the 17 out of 20 that have signed on, and the Lax and Metlakatla bands are in support of it, instead of writing these op eds


oh and maybe stop talking to Wesley here is why and actually talk the the Lax hereditary chiefs



Yeah, why mess up data with the opinions of those not bought off yet?

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you want to talk about data ok, the most looked at eco-system in canada done by Petronas on Lelu island, Lax’s own scientist says they agree with the data, metlakatla and the group they formed to look at the data confirms it is accurate, so the only ones that do not present an argument with data are wait for it, wait for it, the environmentalists and our lovely elected MP and MLA, they are just using emotions to present their arguments, where do they get their data from?

Yeah those evil environmentalists. What would THEY know?
Like I said - bought off. Gonna get a fistful of dollars. If you were gonna get a fistful of dollars out of it, that would be an valid reason for your incessant babbling.

didn’t say they didn’t know anything I just asked a simple question, what data are they using to support their position? if you can’t answer that except to use

then I guess you have no real argument except trying to annoy me but guess what by me asking that simple question and you not being able to answer it means you are the one being annoyed, so enjoy it :slight_smile:

Cheerleaders get paid in cash or popularity. Which dubious and meager method do you prefer?

method of payment for me would be something simple, just post a link on the studies that the environmentalists and our esteemed MP and MLA are basing their statements on. that should be really simple after all they can’t make these claims without having any data can they?