Natives, indians, whites, and others

Well, I just took a couple hours to look up the posts of a few certain people…

looking up natives indians in the search pulled up a number of distressing quotes, some of the worst examples can be found by searching for posts by these members…

charles_t —>“They’re just freeloading off of all the marvelous things that people with whom I share the same skin colour have created…”

Corrupt_File —> “Also, the government will always let you win.”,“And tell me Hi Timez, when has the government ever infringed on the First Nations rights.”, “If you wanna harvest like you used to, go right ahead. But do leave everything that wasn’t around pre-1600’s at the dock… after all, thats how you used to do it!”

jesus —> “Why is it you believe you deserve more rights than others? Seriously… so fishing, catchign shellfish are part of your heritage… guess what they are part of every cultures heritage.”,“Oh god, here comes this bullshit. Seriously, if you want equal, be equal. Get a job, pay taxes, go to school to learn rather than get cheques from the government for not dropping out.”

daylan —> “No shit, some people are pretty idiotic. I’m not trying to make a generalization, but I think that people that believe that they have the divine right over everything that goes on here are fucking morons. Pardon my language.”

jesus —>“If you were protesting on behalf of everyone that would be one thing but your selfish asses only want yet another special status, and you wonder why people are racist”

Midnight Toker

just to name the first few I found…sorry I had to cut this short as I have to leave, but know that I only scratched the surface on this and I will make revisions of this post at a later date (management permiting).

also I would like to thank a number of people for their replys to said persons and their “type” (intentionally generalized).

and many others I can’t count yet as per the above reason.

Some people that post here are idiots. Some are not.

Some post random things that aren’t what their real thoughts are. Some post truthfully.

Some are just freakin hypocrites, and her name is Lady Kaboo, Midnight Toker, or whatever name she decides to use to get back onto the site after post such racist shit she was booted off.

Point is… don’t think everything you read on the internet is someone’s true feelings on the subject… most of the time people are just being idiots and trying to get a rise out of people.

Yup, and some people are just trolls.

And what a pretty troll he is!