Nathan Cullen Twitter Oops

Either Nathan Cullen’s password was easy to guess, or he his computer is infected with malware. He sent out this tweet today.

Or maybe he is really excited about inexpensive weight loss.

or someone who’s got him on their mailing list is infected.

shows that none of us are protected from dirty scumbags and malware “persons”///

Well they are debating the increase of seats at Parliament, maybe Mr. Cullen wants the House of Commons to shrink rather than expand?

Cullen did it again, this time saying he had “funny pictures” of some of his twitter followers.

Karma for his internet stand?

The internet used to be like sex. Fun. Now it’s like the men’s room in a cheezy truck stop. Wanna flush with your foot kinda stuff. This is a good place for a stick up,

And for God’s sake, get a firewall. … rewall.php